Bicycling Safely This Summer

Bicycling Safely This Summer

In any accident involving a car and a bicycle, it is the bicyclist who has a much higher risk of being killed. In accidents involving a motor vehicle, 88 % of the fatalities involve the bicyclists. This summer, while bicycling on a Los Angeles road, understand that your odds of surviving an accident are not in your favor.

Avoid riding at night. Close to half of bicyclist fatalities occur between the hours of 4 PM and midnight. Avoid bicycling when visibility is low.

Parents need to take extra precautions when their children are out bicycling during summer. Make sure that your child is wearing a helmet while bicycling at all times. Involve your child in the purchase of the helmet, and make it a fun activity for him. Children tend to be resistant to the idea of wearing a helmet while bicycling.

Avoid all kinds of distractions while you are riding. Don’t use your bicycle ride to have conversations on your cell phone, or listen to music while driving. That might make it impossible for you to hear an approaching car, or become aware of potential accident threats.

For help filing an accident claim after a bicycle accident, speak with a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney. Bicycle accidents typically end with serious injuries, and substantial damage. A Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney can help you determine all the sources of compensation in your claim.