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Blog Posts in 2016

  • Protecting Your Rights After An Auto Accident

    The moments that immediately follow a car accident can be confusing and chaotic. However, these moments may be the most important to the outcome of any potential insurance or legal disputes related to the accident. Performing the correct steps following an accident may mean the difference between having your medical bills and other expenses paid for you, or having to pay them yourself. Following a ...
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  • DUI And Personal Injury: Who Really Pays?

    Intoxicated motorists - drunk drivers - are responsible for about thirty percent of the fatal accidents in the United States. It doesn't take much alcohol to get to the legal limit, which in all fifty states is a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 percent. Just one drink can impair anyone's driving skills. The National Commission Against Drunk Driving says that more than 250,000 are injured by ...
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  • The Gas Leak At Porter Ranch - What Went Wrong?

    About 30,000 Californians live in Porter Ranch, an upscale community of gated developments northwest of Burbank. A typical Porter Ranch home exceeds 4,000 square feet and sells for $1 million or more - at least, that was the selling price before October. It's a family-oriented community that provided good schools, attractive landscapes, clean air, and a general sense of security. All of that has ...
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  • Social Media And Personal Injury: What You Need To Know

    Social Posts Increasingly Used as Legal Evidence Most of us who enjoy using Facebook and other online social media sites do so to share important parts of our lives with family and friends. While social media can be convenient and useful as well as entertaining, remember that no matter what you do to adjust the "privacy" settings, everything that you post on Facebook, Twitter, or on any other ...
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