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Blog Posts in June, 2015

  • Insurance Bad Faith: What You Can Do to Protect Your Rights

    Under the law, the insurance company is required to comply with the terms of the policy agreement . This means that it must honor a legal and valid claim, and payout compensation as soon as possible. The company must honor the policy agreement with you, and must negotiate your claim with you in good faith. If the insurance fails to do so, it is said to be acting in bad faith. What do you do when ...
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  • Avoid Motorcycling under the Influence

    Alcohol can severely impair a person’s judgment abilities, and his ability to make emergency maneuvers. Those abilities are dangerous enough when you are driving a motor vehicle. However, when you are riding on two wheels, those compromised abilities could actually result in a possibly fatal accident. When you are riding a motorcycle, you need all your faculties about you, and those faculties are ...
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  • How to Write an Insurance Bad Faith Demand Letter

    If your insurance company is acting in bad faith, and refusing to investigate your claim, or refusing to give you the reason for valuing your claim so low, it is said to be acting in bad faith. There are steps that you can take to protect your rights. However, it is important to let the insurance company know that you believe that it is acting in bad faith. You can do that by sending the company a ...
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  • What Motorists Can Do to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

    A majority of all motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles every year involve motorcycles colliding with a motor vehicle or a truck. Many of those accidents occur because motorists are negligent, careless, and simply clueless about how to drive safely and avoid motorcycles. As a motorist, you are likely sharing the roads with more motorcycles in California now than you were just a couple of decades ...
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  • CPSC Warns Consumers About Furniture Tip Over Injuries

    The flat screen TV that is the pride of your living room could actually pose a serious injury risk to your child. Furniture tipovers involving televisions, washing machines, and other home appliances, as well as other types of furniture-related accidents, injure thousands of children every year. Unsecured pieces of furniture send hundreds of children to hospital emergency rooms every week. ...
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  • More Accident Fatalities Linked to Defective Takata Airbags

    The accident fatality toll from malfunctioning Takata airbags continues to increase. In April this year, a young woman was killed in an accident involving her 2005 Honda Civic. In the accident, the woman struck a utility pole, and the airbag deployed. Metal shards of fragment from the airbag exploded into her face, and one of those fragments cut off her carotid artery. That injury caused severe ...
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  • Half of Pediatric Medical Errors Are Preventable

    Children are the most vulnerable victims of negligence in hospitals. When a child suffers an injury as a result of medical error, the consequences can be devastating, and possibly lifelong. A child, who has received an overdose of medication, or suffered an injury as a result of a surgical error, may suffer lifelong disability that may prevent him from leading a productive life. For assistance ...
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  • NHTSA Warns of Accidents Caused by Pedal Errors

    A pedal error accident occurs when a motorist slams on the accelerator pedal instead of the brake pedal. Certain types of motorists, like seniors, are at a much higher risk of making such errors. These types of errors can result in serious accidents, especially when the error occurs in an enclosed or confined space, like a parking lot. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates ...
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  • Medical Staff Burnout Is a Serious Patient Safety Concern

    In the quest to reduce medical errors, one often overlooked aspect is the general health of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. Unfortunately, the statistics indicate that far too many doctors and nurses are reporting symptoms of burnout that could actually place them at risk of making serious medical errors. According to studies , as many as 46% of doctors report feelings of burnout, ...
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  • Caring for Motorcycle Helmets

    When you buy a motorcycle helmet, only buy one that is approved by the Department of Transportation . Look for the Department of Transportation-approved label on the helmet. Never store your helmet near inflammable liquids including gasoline. The material of the helmet can begin to deteriorate from exposure to these materials, and you might not even know it. Don’t manhandle, paint, or decorate ...
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  • Bicycling Safely This Summer

    In any accident involving a car and a bicycle, it is the bicyclist who has a much higher risk of being killed. In accidents involving a motor vehicle , 88 % of the fatalities involve the bicyclists. This summer, while bicycling on a Los Angeles road, understand that your odds of surviving an accident are not in your favor. Avoid riding at night. Close to half of bicyclist fatalities occur between ...
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  • Motorcycle Accident Fatalities on the Decline, but Numbers Continue to Remain High

    Motorcycle sales are at encouraging highs. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council , sales in the first quarter of 2015, were up by more than 8% over the previous year. However, that is sobering news when you consider that the number of motorcycle fatalities hasn’t dropped significantly over the years. In 2013, there was a drop in motorcycle accident fatalities over the previous year. That ...
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