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  • Motorcycle Accident


    21 year old motorcycle rider suffered traumatic brain injury and brachial plexus avulsion in a collision with a left-turning car. Investigation uncovered $1 Million and $10 Million insurance policies not disclosed before lawsuit filed.

  • Airplane Crash


    Death of Flight Attendant from terrorist explosion of Aircraft.

  • Medical Malpractice


    57 year old female suffered ischemia and ultimate amputations of feet and fingers due to cardiac surgeon’s negligent mitral valve replacement and post-operative, premature extubations (jury verdict).

  • Auto Accident


    Security guard receives multiple fractures and degloving injury when his leg is run over by a big rig truck.

  • Negligence


    City & County of San Francisco social worker neglects overseeing twins in foster home as the twin children are being horribly abused and tortured over several years.

  • Medical Malpractice


    32 year old female suffered gangrene and ultimate amputations of feet and fingers due to hospital and doctor’s delay in diagnosing septic shock.

  • Product Liability


    Underground electrical switch explosion. Burns to 7 year old boy and 6 year old girl.

  • Auto Accident


    Fractured leg, shoulder, head injury and pain syndrome to 44 year old Bank Vice-President struck head on due to dangerous highway.

  • Construction Accident


    Brain injury to scaffold erector due to careless job sequencing by other companies.

  • Police Misconduct


    Failure to summon emergency medical care following excessive use of force during arrest of unarmed mother.

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