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  • Car Accident Property Damage Claims

    This article is a general overview of the insurance claims process for vehicles damaged in California traffic accidents. The same process applies whether your vehicle was a car or a motorcycle. Insurance Coverage Under California law, every private passenger motor vehicle driver must have at least $35,000 in liability insurance or cash deposit with the DMV. Liability insurance compensates a person ...
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  • Health Insurance Claim Form 1500 & Your Personal Injury Case

    A large portion of personal injury settlements involve compensation for past or future medical expenses. That is because a person injured by another’s wrongful conduct is entitled to recover from the wrongdoer the reasonable value of medical care and services reasonably required and attributable to the wrongful conduct. Usually, past medical expenses can be proved by submitting unpaid medical ...
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  • Insurance Tip from a California Motorcycle Accident Attorney

    In a car you're always in a compartment, and because you're used to it, you don't realize that through that car window, everything you see is just more TV. You're a passive observer and it is all moving by you boringly in a frame. On a cycle, the frame is gone. You're completely in contact with it all. You're in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming. ...
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  • Restitution Following a Personal Injury Settlement

    When a car accident involves criminal conduct, including drunk driving or a hit-and-run incident, the injured victim’s compensation may include a personal injury settlement from the defendant’s car insurance company and restitution from the criminal defendant to cover the contingency attorney fee on the settlement. To obtain a personal injury settlement from the defendant’s car insurance company, ...
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  • What You Need to Prove Your Personal Injury Case

    Personal Injury Theory When people are held responsible for their actions, they are more likely to act in a safe and responsible manner . This maxim is the theory behind the American tort system, which gives us personal injury lawsuits. Our personal injury courts and their counterparts ensure that fault is determined, fair compensation is paid to accident victims, and all parties — including those ...
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  • The Role of Insurance in a Personal Injury Case

    In nearly every personal injury and wrongful death case, it is the insurance company that is responsible for payment of damages. This includes automobile accident cases, slip and fall cases, dog bite cases, and even medical malpractice cases. In nearly all of these cases, the injured plaintiffs are required to name as defendants the negligent persons or entities only ; California law does not ...
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  • Damages Recoverable in Insurance Bad Faith Claims

    When your insurance company refuses to honor the terms of its legal policy, and refuses to pay out a valid claim, you can file an insurance bad faith claim to recover damages. In a bad faith claim, you can claim damages that will compensate you for the financial as well as emotional damages that you have suffered as a result of the claims denial. Dealing with bad-faith tactics can be emotionally ...
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  • Patient Access to Medical Records Can Reduce the Risk of Errors

    Many patients have no idea how to access their medical records. They may not realize that when they have access to all the information that is in these records, they have a better chance of avoiding medical errors. Many healthcare experts now recommend that consumers begin requesting the healthcare information in their medical records. They believe that such information in the hands of patients ...
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  • Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

    A motorcyclist has little protection in the event of an accident, which exposes him to the risk of a variety of injuries. In a typical accident, a motorcyclist may suffer from the following injuries: Fractures or broken bones are the most common injuries in a motorcycle accident. Typically, the motorcyclist may suffer fractures of the lower extremities, including leg, knee, ankle, and foot ...
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  • Study on Senior Motorists Yield Interesting Findings

    The topic of seniors and driving safety is a sensitive one, and many seniors will bristle at the suggestion that they give up their driving privileges. A new study that was conducted by Caring.com found that approximately 14 million Americans between the age of 18 and 64 reported being involved in an accident involving a senior motorist above the age of 65 in the past 12 months. The risk of ...
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  • Sleep Right to Avoid Drowsy Driving

    Sleep deprivation is at the crux of the drowsy driving epidemic across the United States. Studies show that Americans are simply sleeping much less than they used to, and that is having a devastating impact on their ability to drive safely. Avoid sleep deprivation , and follow these simple steps to get more sleep every night. Establish, and stick to a strict bedtime schedule. Stick to the schedule ...
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  • Many Doctors Report to Work While Sick

    It shouldn’t take a doctor to tell you that when you are being attended to by a sick person, you are at a high risk of contracting an infection. It appears however that many doctors are placing patients at risk, by reporting to work while they’re sick. The study found that many healthcare professionals were often negligent by reporting to work while they were sick, and even though it meant a ...
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  • Can Employers Be Liable for Accidents Involving Employees?

    Sometimes, under the theory of vicarious liability , a negligent driver’s employer may be held liable for accidents caused by its employees. In California, this can happen if the negligent employee causing your harm was driving for the benefit of their employer at the time of the crash. Employers may find themselves liable for an accident caused by an employee in a variety of situations. Say, for ...
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  • What Types of Insurance Coverage do Bicyclists Have Available after an Accident?

    Bicyclists who suffer injuries in an accident caused by another can claim compensation for the injuries from the motorist's insurance coverage. You can claim compensation under the other person’s auto insurance, or his homeowner’s insurance . Speak to a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer, and learn what types of compensation insurance options are open to you after a bicycle accident. The other ...
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  • Pedestrian Risk Groups

    Pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable users on our roads, and have some of the highest risk of injuries in an accident. That’s because they have zero protection against injuries, unlike bicyclists and motorcyclists who may have padded body gear and helmets to protect them from injuries. Some categories of pedestrians may be at an even higher risk of injuries in an accident. Seniors and ...
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