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  • Patient Access to Medical Records Can Reduce the Risk of Errors

    Many patients have no idea how to access their medical records. They may not realize that when they have access to all the information that is in these records, they have a better chance of avoiding medical errors. Many healthcare experts now recommend that consumers begin requesting the healthcare information in their medical records. They believe that such information in the hands of patients ...
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  • The Patient Safety Threats That Go Unnoticed

    The word "medical error" conjures up images of patients being administered excessive dosages of the wrong drug, or being operated on the wrong body part. However, a major proportion of medical errors every year involve far more mundane, but deadly errors. For instance, the simple act of monitoring a patient's diet while in the hospital is rife with potential for error . A recent study by the ...
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  • Low Patient Fatality Risk If Patient Is Readmitted Back in the Same Hospital

    A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Utah found that patients, who were readmitted back into the hospital after a surgical complication, were less likely to die if they were admitted back into the same hospital where they underwent the surgery. According to the research, which focused on patients who underwent at least one of 10 surgical procedures between 2001 and 2011, ...
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  • Medical Staff Burnout Is a Serious Patient Safety Concern

    In the quest to reduce medical errors, one often overlooked aspect is the general health of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. Unfortunately, the statistics indicate that far too many doctors and nurses are reporting symptoms of burnout that could actually place them at risk of making serious medical errors. According to studies , as many as 46% of doctors report feelings of burnout, ...
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  • Medical Malpractice Lawsuits and MICRA

    Last month, after a 4-week trial and 3 days of deliberation, a Ventura County jury returned a $6,786,774.31 verdict for our client who was permanently disfigured after what should have been a routine mitral valve replacement surgery. The defendant heart surgeon was repeatedly negligent in both surgical and post-operative care, causing heart trauma that reduced circulation of oxygenated blood to ...
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