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  • Damages Recoverable in Insurance Bad Faith Claims

    When your insurance company refuses to honor the terms of its legal policy, and refuses to pay out a valid claim, you can file an insurance bad faith claim to recover damages. In a bad faith claim, you can claim damages that will compensate you for the financial as well as emotional damages that you have suffered as a result of the claims denial. Dealing with bad-faith tactics can be emotionally ...
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  • What Types of Insurance Coverage do Bicyclists Have Available after an Accident?

    Bicyclists who suffer injuries in an accident caused by another can claim compensation for the injuries from the motorist's insurance coverage. You can claim compensation under the other person’s auto insurance, or his homeowner’s insurance . Speak to a Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer, and learn what types of compensation insurance options are open to you after a bicycle accident. The other ...
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  • How to Tell If your Insurer Is Acting in Bad Faith

    When an insurance company uses illegal unfair practices to delay or deny your claim, it is acting in bad faith. Unfortunately, bad faith is a much more prevalent practice among insurance companies than policyholders would like to believe. As the policyholder, you probably believe that your insurance company will be fair to you when it comes to paying out your claim. You may find that that is not ...
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  • Insurance Bad Faith: What You Can Do to Protect Your Rights

    Under the law, the insurance company is required to comply with the terms of the policy agreement . This means that it must honor a legal and valid claim, and payout compensation as soon as possible. The company must honor the policy agreement with you, and must negotiate your claim with you in good faith. If the insurance fails to do so, it is said to be acting in bad faith. What do you do when ...
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