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Blogs from August, 2020

hands on wheel driving at night

Drunk or impaired drivers can appear on the road at any time. Even if you never drive after drinking alcohol, you may not be able to guarantee that all drivers follow this same standard.

All of us at Effres & Effres want to ensure that you have the tools needed to stay safe behind the wheel and that you know how to handle dangerous road situations that may appear at any time.

With that said, whenever you are behind the wheel, you should try to keep your eyes out for signs of impaired driving so that you can stay safe, despite the actions of other motorists. Here are some of the most common signs of drunk driving:

  1. Swerving or Zig-Zagging. These behaviors are probably the easiest to spot for other drivers and law enforcement officers. Alcohol impacts a driver’s ability to see clearly and concentrate, oftentimes leading to them swerving in their own lane or other lanes.

  2. Hugging the Center Line. Many intoxicated drivers try to avoid swerving and end up overcompensating by staying extremely close to the center divider.

  3. Excessive Acceleration and Deceleration. Drunk drivers have difficulty controlling their movements and comprehending situations. They may not be able to gauge how much pressure they are applying to their gas pedal or brake, causing their brake lights to constantly flash.

  4. Persistent Tailgating. Many drunk drivers struggle with impaired or double vision, making it difficult to see road dividers. To prevent themselves from swerving, drunk drivers may closely tailgate the motorist ahead of them to ensure they are keeping in their own lane.

  5. Multiple Driving Violations. It’s not uncommon for drunk drivers to miss or ignore road signs or traffic lights entirely. They may also fail to utilize their own headlights at night or their blinkers when making a lane change.

Reporting a Possibly Intoxicated Driver

If you suspect that a driver on the road is intoxicated, pull off the road or take another route to your destination. You can report the vehicle to local law enforcement so that they don’t harm anyone else; make sure to note the vehicle make and model, license plate number, the physical appearance of the driver, and what they were doing to cause your concern.

While none of these signs are proof that the driver is surely intoxicated, no driver should be engaged in any of these dangerous driving behaviors. Unfortunately, we know that even the safest drivers who do everything they should may still become victims of drunk driving accidents. If you are ever in this situation, you should not hesitate to pursue compensation for your injuries.

You can read our recent blog to learn more about your rights after a drunk driving accident.

At Effres & Effres, we always put our clients first. For more than three decades, our injury attorneys have been fighting tirelessly for justice on behalf of those injured in Southern California. Whatever the circumstances of your accident, you can rest assured knowing that your case is in our hands.

For dedicated, skilled legal representation in your corner, Effres & Effres is here for you. Contact our firm at (818) 222-9720 to get started on your case today.

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