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motorycle riding on road with many cars

While there are many causes of motorcycle accidents, the sad reality is that negligent and reckless car driving is one of the main causes of these collisions. Motorcycle accidents involving cars often occur when a driver of a car:

  • Fails to see the motorcycle
  • Sees the motorcycle too late to avoid a crash
  • Misjudges the bike’s speed and distance

Here are a few preventable ways that negligent driving can cause motorcycle crashes.

Unprotected Left-Hand Turns

The most common car versus motorcycle collision involves a car making an unprotected left-hand turn in front of a motorcycle. This leaves the motorcycle operator insufficient time and space to avoid a collision.

Drivers must keep a lookout for pedestrians, obstacles, and other vehicles – including motorcycles. When the driver of a car attempts to make an unprotected left-hand turn, the driver must be absolutely sure that there is no oncoming traffic.

Unfortunately, many car drivers do not scan the road carefully enough before turning. Quickly glancing, without really looking, is negligence.

Changing Lanes without Signaling

Another common car versus motorcycle collision is when a car makes an unpredictable lane change in front of a motorcycle. This leaves the motorcycle operator insufficient time and space to avoid a collision.

A driver must use reasonable care when turning – including lane changes. Reasonable care includes using a turn signal. Using a turn signal is not just a common courtesy, it is the law. Car drivers who do not use their turn signals are not properly communicating their intentions, which is especially dangerous for motorcycle operators.

California law does not prohibit motorcycles from passing other vehicles proceeding in the same direction within the same lane, a practice called “lane sharing.” Car drivers who change lanes without signaling are unnecessarily endangering law-abiding motorcycle operators. Failing to use a turn signal is negligence.


No vehicle can stop instantaneously. Because of this, drivers are expected to keep extra room in between their car and the vehicle in front of them. It’s not uncommon for tailgating to result in a rear-end collision.

While a typical “fender bender” may be the result of two normal vehicles colliding in this way, the results can be devastating for motorcycles. The impact of a rear-end collision increases the chance of a rider being thrown from their bike.

We know from experience that motorcycle accidents often result in serious and devastating injuries. If this is the case for you, we are here to provide you with the caring and effective legal representation that your case deserves. A driver claiming they didn’t see you is not a proper defense.

You can trust that Effres & Effres will work hard to protect your rights so you can recover financially, physically, and emotionally.

Contact our firm at (818) 222-9720 to schedule your free case review.

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