Why Hiring a Car Accident Attorney Is So Important

Why Hiring a Car Accident Attorney Is So Important

The moments following a car accident can cause significant confusion and shock, making it nearly impossible for many individuals to understand what comes next. And while you think the insurance company is there to protect you, that is not always the case.

Legal matters can be extremely complicated and there are plenty of issues to deal with before you can receive the compensation you need for your damages. Despite your hope that things will go smoothly, many people in your position are often met with many challenges when dealing with the insurance company and their legal teams.

When issues arise, you need an attorney to help you get through the process.

Insurance Companies and Their Focus On Profit

While your insurance company may be adamant about protecting you, car accident cases go through the negligent party’s insurance company. That company’s main focus is to pay you as little as possible. They only care about their profits.

To protect yourself, hire a lawyer and follow these steps:

  • Never give a recorded statement to the insurance company. They will try to use this against you. They will look for any contradictory statements to place you at fault for the crash.
  • Never discuss your claim with the other party’s insurance company or legal team. You can speak with your doctor, friends, families, witnesses, lawyers, and insurance company. If the case does go to trial, some of these people can prove to be beneficial witnesses.
  • Never make assumptions about the situation. You shouldn’t jump to a conclusion about fault or make admissions without having a full investigation completed by your legal team.

You are in the most favorable position to receive compensation when you have experienced and knowledgeable legal representation looking out for your rights and best interests.

With Effres & Associates on your side, you can feel confident that your rights are protected. We know the tactics that insurance companies and their defense teams use to turn cases around on injured people, despite their own policyholder being at fault for the crash.

Our Agoura Hills car accident attorneys work hard to build a strong case with a focus on your best interests. You deserve compensation after an injury caused by someone else’s negligence. Even more, you deserve justice and we’re here to help you obtain it.

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