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When an accident occurs, and the responsible driver is on-the-job for Uber or Lyft, it’s imperative that you recognize the insurance coverage involved. As such, you should know when the policy comes into effect, what must be considered when pursuing a claim, and how it differs from a regular accident.

When Am I Covered By the Rideshare Company’s Insurance Policy?

In order to be covered by the rideshare company’s insurance policy, the driver must have his or her application set to driver mode. This means they are accepting fares and are considered on the clock. When they are in driver mode, any accident they cause should involve Uber or Lyft’s insurance companies.

Which Insurance Companies Cover Uber and Lyft?

In California, Uber goes through James River Insurance Company and Lyft receives coverage through Indian Harbor Insurance Company. It’s also important you recognize the coverage available. Both companies limit their policies to $1,000,000 in coverage.

How Do I Start the Claim?

If you’re injured as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft, it is up to the driver to start the claim by reporting the accident through his or her mobile app. They may be hesitant to do so, though, over fear of being unable to drive for the company moving forward.

In these cases, you have the same rights as with any other accident. You can request the driver’s license, take photos of his or her license plate, and gather their personal insurance policy information. They may try to refuse this, but you should calmly and politely remind them that the law allows you to exchange information following an accident.

You can also take photos, just as you would in any other collision. Speak with an attorney who can help you move forward before speaking with an adjuster. This helps you protect your rights and prevents you from being taken advantage of by the insurance company.

At Effres & Effres, we know the various aspects of an Uber or Lyft accident and how they may try to minimize your payout, despite them having such a high policy. You should be protected by legal professionals who focus on your best interests—not the insurance company’s profits.

Our rideshare accident lawyers are here for you every step of the way. Call us today at (818) 222-9720.

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