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After a car accident, you may face significant medical expenses and the inability to work and earn an income because of the injuries you have sustained. This makes it crucial for you to work with a legal professional to pursue some of the damages often awarded following a negligence-related matter.

You need the compensation to help manage the financial hardships following the crash, but you may be unaware of what kind of damages may be available to you. Here are a few of the items that may be covered after a personal injury lawsuit.

What are Economic Damages?

When you hear the term economic damages, know that these are designed for any losses that you have experienced which can be quantified through a direct value. You have receipts or proven records of the direct amount you’ve lost.

Examples of economic damages can include cost of medical care, long-term home care you may need, lost income both present and future, medication expenses, rehabilitation, and more. With economic damages, the court can confirm the exact amount you have lost.

The Addition of Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are considered any losses that you may have experienced that don’t have a value attached to them. For instance, the mental health and emotional trauma associated with the accident, which have no quantifiable amount associated with them, can be considered non-economic damages.

These are more difficult to award because there is no base point by which the value is determined.

Can I Recover Punitive Damages?

Many individuals hear of punitive damages, but they’re not always sure what they are or why they are awarded.

Unlike economic and non-economic damages which are designed to directly pay the plaintiff for losses they have experienced, punitive damages have a different purpose. They may be available in cases where the defendant acted in a way intended to cause injury or with wanton disregard for others’ safety.

At Effres & Effres, we work hard to help our clients reach the most favorable outcome, pursuing the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries. Our car accident attorneys are here and ready to help you.

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