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With the holidays here, countless drivers will take to the road to see their families and friends. We’ve all seen the 405 freeway back up significantly as people head out of town. When you factor in the potential weather during this time of year, it’s imperative drivers know how to stay safe.

Give Plenty of the Room to the Vehicles Around You

Significant traffic and rain go together as substantial dangers. When combined, these two factors require drivers to give themselves plenty of room when driving. Stay far enough back from the vehicle in front of you to stop in an adequate amount of time.

The rain makes it difficult to stop, especially if your tires don’t have enough tread or you have worn brakes. In good weather, you should give yourself at least three to four seconds from the vehicle in front of you. In terrible weather, this time should increase, and you should give yourself plenty of time to react accordingly.

Don’t Rush to Your Destination

Many people leave for the holiday immediately after work. They rush to get to where they’re going and go much faster than they need. In inclement weather and heavy traffic, speeding can be one of the most dangerous actions. You want to give yourself enough time to travel calmly and safely. Speeding and rushing on the road when plenty of others are out can significantly increase the risk of a severe collision.

Choose Your Travel Days Wisely

If you can, choose to travel on a day when there is significantly less traffic. It’s difficult to determine when most people are on the road, but the day before a holiday and the day of the holiday are most often the highest-trafficked days.

If you can travel two days before the holiday or sooner, it may be best. Driving earlier than usual could help you prevent significant problems on the road.

At Effres & Effres, our Agoura Hills car accident attorneys recognize the dangers of driving during the holidays. It’s crucial to stay safe during this time in which you should celebrate, not worry about a potential crash.

If someone is negligent and causes you harm, call our firm today at (818) 222-9720.

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