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Blogs from December, 2019

large commercial truck

When people hear the term “commercial vehicle accident,” they most often think of large tractor-trailers and big rigs. Large semi-trucks are part of the problem, but other commercial vehicles exist that can be dangerous. During the holidays, these vehicles present a potential danger, and it’s essential to understand what problems can occur.

A commercial vehicle accident can be any collision that involves a vehicle owned by a company or business.

Potential Commercial Vehicles Involved in Accidents

  • Tractor-trailers: Large commercial trucks are vital to orders and deliveries for consumers. They travel many miles to make deliveries on time. During the holidays, when online orders are more prevalent, commercial trucks are on the road in bunches this season. If any truck driver or company is negligent in the operation of the vehicle, so many trucks on the road can be hazardous.
  • Delivery trucks: Companies like FedEx and UPS are busy this time of year, as well as early in the New Year. As more of them hit the road, there is an increased risk of potential dangers. Many drivers rely on GPS and routing from dispatch to get to their destination. If the driver is in an area with which they’re unfamiliar, or they’re fatigued, a severe collision can occur.
  • Taxis: Holiday parties, New Year’s parties, and other gatherings throughout December and January often require the use of taxis for anyone who has been drinking. Along with rideshare vehicles, taxis, and other personal transport vehicles are all over the road throughout the Los Angeles area. It’s crucial to watch for these vehicles as they may stop often.

Commercial vehicle accidents vary from other crashes in terms of insurance policies, claims handling, and collecting evidence to prove your case. Because of the nuances involved in commercial claims, it’s essential to have legal representation to pursue compensation.

Our car accident lawyers at Effres & Effres are committed to your rights. When you suffer an injury in a crash involving a commercial vehicle, we’ll safeguard your best interests and pursue the compensation and justice you deserve.

Call us today to discuss your potential case: (818) 222-9720.

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