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Blogs from November, 2021

fire and soot exiting a window of an apartment building

Keeping Your Home Safe During the Holidays

Thanksgiving is full of good food and good company, but it is also known to escalate burn accidents due to busyness in the kitchen. This holiday is infamous for recording the highest number of home fires annually.

While you’re preparing for the holiday ahead of time, remember to take the safety precautions necessary to reduce the risk of fires in your household.

Common Causes of Thanksgiving Home Fires

In 2018 alone, fire departments responded to an estimated 1,630 home cooking fires on Thanksgiving day. Two of the most common reasons for these household fires include:

Cooking the Turkey

If not managed correctly, cooking your turkey could become a dangerous fire hazard resulting in severe burns. Before beginning the cooking process, ensure that the turkey is completely thawed and dry, as not doing so may increase your risk of a grease fire if using a deep fryer. Using the appropriate amount of oil so it doesn’t overflow into the burner can also reduce this.

Additionally, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) discourages the use of outdoor gas-fueled turkey fryers, which could lead to injuries, destruction of property, and severe burns.

Kitchen Distractions

Becoming distracted by others in the kitchen, pets, or even something on tv can cause more damage than you realize. To reduce your likelihood of a fire caused by inattention, ensure you are taking these precautionary measures:

  • Do not leave stoves, fryers, or ovens unattended when cooking.
  • Stay focused in the kitchen, and limit distractions by setting timers to track what else needs to be done.
  • Limit the amount of activity and people surrounding the kitchen.

3 Tips for Fire Prevention

When everyone is bustling around on this busy day, it's essential to be prepared and implement these safety measures to avoid a house fire and continue your festivities with your loved ones.

1. Wear Appropriate Clothing When Cooking

It's always a good idea to roll up your sleeves or wear short sleeves while cooking. Inappropriate attire such as loose or long clothing could catch on fire easily and become hazardous.

2. Clean Your Equipment Thoroughly and Declutter the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a busy place, especially on Thanksgiving. It is recommended to deep clean your oven, stove, and grill to ensure no crumbs or grease are leftover that could cause a fire.

3. Stay Focused on the Task at Hand

As mentioned previously, there is no shortage of distractions that can arise while cooking on Thanksgiving. Remember to stay alert, keep your eyes on the food, and practice proper cooking safety.

In preparation for this holiday, it is prudent to approach it safely for you and your family. No one wants to spend the holiday in the emergency room due to burn injuries from a house fire that could have been prevented.

Agoura Hills Injury Attorneys

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