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When your insurance company refuses to honor the terms of its legal policy, and refuses to pay out a valid claim, you can file an insurance bad faith claim to recover damages. In a bad faith claim, you can claim damages that will compensate you for the financial as well as emotional damages that you have suffered as a result of the claims denial.

Dealing with bad-faith tactics can be emotionally distressing, and can lead to symptoms of depression requiring counseling or psychological care. If you have suffered emotionally due to the insurance company’s misconduct, make sure to gather all documentation supporting your claim for the mental and emotional distress. For example, keep all records of your co-payments and appointment slips. This documentation, along with testimony from the experts, the people in your life who know you best, and you, will help you meet your burden and win your case.

In a typical claim, you can include contract damages, damages for emotional distress, damages for all of the financial losses that you have suffered as a result of the bad-faith, as well as damages for all of the penalties and fees incurred.

You can also include attorney's fees, and other legal costs incurred to pursue your claim. In some cases, a court may even decide to award punitive damages. These are awarded in those cases in which the court finds that the defendant's conduct has been willfully reckless and malicious.

To identify whether you have grounds for a bad faith claim, schedule a consultation with a Los Angeles insurance bad faith lawyer. To identify the types of damages that you are eligible for in a claim, speak to a Los Angeles insurance bad faith lawyer.

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