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Blogs from July, 2015


Many patients have no idea how to access their medical records. They may not realize that when they have access to all the information that is in these records, they have a better chance of avoiding medical errors.

Many healthcare experts now recommend that consumers begin requesting the healthcare information in their medical records. They believe that such information in the hands of patients can be a game changer for the American healthcare system, and will empower patients to have a greater say in the decisions made in their medical care.

Many medical errors occur because of the lack of coordination between health care providers regarding patients’ medical conditions, prescription medications, and past medical histories. Hospitals often delay sharing information with competing providers, and one doctor may now have access to the same information that another doctor has attending to the same patient.

When patients have access to their health records, they have access to information about their own medical conditions and medical history, and can give that information to specialists and doctors. More informed patients means better patient safety. Most patients, unfortunately, are not even aware that they have the right to access their medical records. Ask your doctor for your records. You are entitled to a copy of your records, although you may have to pay for the cost of reproducing them.

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