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A majority of all motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles every year involve motorcycles colliding with a motor vehicle or a truck. Many of those accidents occur because motorists are negligent, careless, and simply clueless about how to drive safely and avoid motorcycles.

As a motorist, you are likely sharing the roads with more motorcycles in California now than you were just a couple of decades ago. The numbers of motorcyclists in California is on the increase, and there is now no excuse for motorists to drive in a manner that increases the risk of a motorcycle crash. In more than 50% of accidents involving a motor vehicle, it is the car driver who is at fault in the accident.

Recognize that a motorcycle has a narrower frame, and that you must take more care to look out for motorcyclists. A motorcycle may be easy to miss because of its narrow frame, but that is not an excuse.

Look out for a motorcyclist, when you’re nearing an intersection, and in the blind spots of your vehicle. For help filing a claim after an accident with a motor vehicle, call a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer.

Also remember that a motorcycle may look further away than it really is. You may also find it difficult to judge a motorcycle's speed. Allow sufficient distance of between 3 to 4 seconds while following a motorcycle. A motorcycle can come to a stop much quicker than your car.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident involving a motor vehicle, you may be able to seek damages from the motorist in a claim. Speak to a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer about filing a claim.

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