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Blogs from June, 2015


In the quest to reduce medical errors, one often overlooked aspect is the general health of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. Unfortunately, the statistics indicate that far too many doctors and nurses are reporting symptoms of burnout that could actually place them at risk of making serious medical errors.

According to studies, as many as 46% of doctors report feelings of burnout, including stress, and feeling constantly worn down, tired, and anxious. Other studies have indicated that nurses also suffer from burnout, with many nurses reporting lack of support by management, far too much work, being assigned to too many patients, and higher levels of stress.

When doctors and nurses are working under such conditions, they are much more likely to make medical errors that place patients at risk of injuries. If you need help filing a medical malpractice claim or want to discuss whether you have grounds for a claim, talk to a Los Angeles medical malpractice lawyer.

There is enough research to support the fact that patient and nurse and doctor burnout levels can seriously impact patient safety. However, there are very few hospitals that have implemented programs and initiatives to help reduce the risk of burnout in these personnel. In some hospitals, those needs have been addressed, and programs include daily check- ins with both doctors and nurses to ensure that their concerns are being addressed, which improves employee morale. Other hospitals have emergency response teams that provide emotional and psychological support for doctors, nurses and other employees.

If your loved one has suffered injuries as a result of medical negligence, discuss filing a claim for compensation with a Los Angeles medical malpractice lawyer.

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