Caring for Motorcycle Helmets

Caring for Motorcycle Helmets

When you buy a motorcycle helmet, only buy one that is approved by the Department of Transportation. Look for the Department of Transportation-approved label on the helmet.

Never store your helmet near inflammable liquids including gasoline. The material of the helmet can begin to deteriorate from exposure to these materials, and you might not even know it.

Don’t manhandle, paint, or decorate your helmet without following manufacturer specifications. You could possibly be damaging your helmet by doing so.

Replace your helmet every few years, even if it does not look as if it has been damaged. Replace your helmet after an accident. Even if you do not see any damage, the helmet might have observed some amount of impact from the crash, and will not be able to protect you adequately during another crash.

Even if a helmet does not look damaged, its protective qualities will begin to deteriorate with time. The chin straps could become loose, and the shell of the helmet could become damaged.

Always wear a motorcycle helmet while riding. If you were not wearing a helmet in an accident talk to a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss whether you are eligible for compensation. Your failure to wear a helmet could possibly impact your claim for compensation. However, it might not completely render you ineligible for compensation. Schedule a consultation with a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer, and establish your options.