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Blogs from January, 2023

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Two Contributing Factors in Single Vehicle Accidents

As a driver, you are responsible for the safety of everyone on the road, especially those in your vehicle. However, even those who routinely practice defensive driving may find themselves in a single-vehicle crash—often through no fault of their own. When extenuating circumstances contribute to your crash and injury, you must know how to identify the underlying causes and how to take action. Here are two of the most common ways that single-vehicle crashes can occur.

Mechanical Errors

Mechanical errors or maintenance issues are some of the most common reasons for single-vehicle crashes. This could be anything from a tire or brake issue to a malfunctioning steering system. Although routine maintenance can remedy some of these issues, in some circumstances, crashes may result from a defective product.

Manufacturers are responsible for informing motorists of recalls or any outstanding issues with a vehicle or part. Not doing so is negligent and can lead to severe crashes. If a mechanical issue was the primary cause of your accident, contact an experienced product liability attorney to discuss your options.

Avoiding a Hazard on the Road

Staying alert to changing road conditions and possible hazards is essential for any motorist. However, a crash resulting from avoiding these hazards is unfortunately common. From items left in the road by construction crews to potholes or major foundational issues, swerving to avoid hazards could compromise your safety without warning.

California law requires that cities maintain their roads and holds them liable for injuries caused as a result of not doing so. If the city, a government official, or another public entity is notified of an issue, such as a road/bridge malfunction, and it is not fixed promptly, a driver can hold them liable if crash injuries occur.

Alternatively, road construction crews must keep their equipment out of the active roadway. If cones, heavy machinery, or other materials are left behind or fall into the driver's path, they may be held liable for injuries resulting from a single-vehicle crash.

Effres & Effres is here to help when another person’s negligence contributes to your injury. If you’re involved in a crash resulting from a product defect, road obstructions, or another issue we can help. Call (818) 222-9720 today to discuss your legal options.


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