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Blogs from July, 2015


It shouldn’t take a doctor to tell you that when you are being attended to by a sick person, you are at a high risk of contracting an infection. It appears however that many doctors are placing patients at risk, by reporting to work while they’re sick.

The study found that many healthcare professionals were often negligent by reporting to work while they were sick, and even though it meant a higher risk of illnesses, and infections involving patients. Patients in a hospital are already at a high risk for infections, and those infection risks are simply enhanced when they are attended to by healthcare professionals who are already struggling with infections. If you have suffered a hospital-acquired infection, discuss filing a case for compensation with a medical malpractice attorney in Los Angeles.

It’s not that healthcare professionals are not aware of the very serious infection risks to patients, but many in the study reported that they were either worried about staffing concerns at the hospitals, or did not want to burden their colleagues by not reporting to work. As many as 99% reported that they did not want to let their colleagues down and therefore, reported to work even when they were not well enough to do so. 95% of them had concerns about whether there would be enough staff at the hospital to cover for them if they reported sick.

Medical negligence can result in serious injuries, and even patient deaths. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to medical negligence, discuss filing a claim with a medical malpractice attorney in Los Angeles.

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