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Blogs from July, 2015


When an insurance company uses illegal unfair practices to delay or deny your claim, it is acting in bad faith. Unfortunately, bad faith is a much more prevalent practice among insurance companies than policyholders would like to believe.

As the policyholder, you probably believe that your insurance company will be fair to you when it comes to paying out your claim. You may find that that is not necessarily true. The following are some of the most common signs of bad faith that Los Angeles insurance bad faith attorneys come across.

  • The insurer denies your claim payment without any reasonable explanation
  • The insurer discounts payment, or delays it without any explanation
  • The insurer does not immediately acknowledge when it receives notification of a claim
  • The insurer fails to completely investigate your claim based on all the information that is available to it
  • The insurer fails to completely investigate and evaluate the damages within a reasonable time limit
  • The insurer attempts to settle the claim for much lower than it is worth
  • The insurer fails to give a proper explanation when it attempts to deny a claim or settle a claim for a much lower value
  • The insurer continues to request documentation not required by the policy as a condition of settling the claim

These are just some of the ways that insurers may act unfairly towards you. If you have found your insurance adjuster behaving in a manner that mirrors some of these above-mentioned practices, speak to a Los Angeles insurance bad faith attorney about how you can protect your rights.

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