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Blogs from July, 2015


Sleep deprivation is at the crux of the drowsy driving epidemic across the United States. Studies show that Americans are simply sleeping much less than they used to, and that is having a devastating impact on their ability to drive safely.

Avoid sleep deprivation, and follow these simple steps to get more sleep every night.

Establish, and stick to a strict bedtime schedule. Stick to the schedule even on weekends. Changing schedules only makes it more difficult for you to go back to your regular schedule.

Focus on one particular relaxing activity that you can perform just before you go to bed. Avoid any stressful activity just before bedtime. Avoid playing videogames, and spending time on your computer just before you go to bed.

Avoid going to bed with the smart phone in your hand. That makes it more likely that you will spend time on your phone, and less likely that you will sleep on time.

Make sure that your bedroom environment is conducive to sleeping. Avoid bright or harsh lights. Make sure that the room is dark, and the bed is comfortable. Use aromatherapy oils that can induce relaxation. Make sure that the room is free from noise, and is neither too hot nor too cold.

If you were injured in a drowsy driving accident, you may have a claim against the driver. Talk to a Los Angeles car accident lawyer about your options. A claim can help you recover damages for medical expenses and lost income. Schedule an evaluation of your personal injury claim by a Los Angeles car accident lawyer.

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