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Pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable users on our roads, and have some of the highest risk of injuries in an accident. That’s because they have zero protection against injuries, unlike bicyclists and motorcyclists who may have padded body gear and helmets to protect them from injuries. Some categories of pedestrians may be at an even higher risk of injuries in an accident.

Seniors and children may be at a higher risk of a pedestrian accident for obvious reasons. Seniors may lack faculties like excellent eyesight to help them spot accident cues, or may suffer from deteriorating hearing that prevents them from hearing an approaching car. Children may be unaware of the right rules of walking safely. To learn about your rights to a claim after an accident, speak with a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer.

Male pedestrians are at a much higher risk of injury or death in an accident, compared to females. Teens and young adults between the age of 15 and 29 are much more likely to suffer serious injuries in a pedestrian accident, compared to any other age category. A person’s likelihood of dying in a pedestrian accident increases with his age.

If you are walking under the influence of alcohol, you’re much more likely to be injured in a pedestrian accident. In 2012, according to the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention, as many as 34% of all pedestrian accident fatalities had a blood-alcohol concentration that was above the legally permissible .08% limit.

For help filing a claim after an accident, speak with a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer.

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