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Sometimes, under the theory of vicarious liability, a negligent driver’s employer may be held liable for accidents caused by its employees. In California, this can happen if the negligent employee causing your harm was driving for the benefit of their employer at the time of the crash.

Employers may find themselves liable for an accident caused by an employee in a variety of situations. Say, for instance, the accident was caused by an employee who was speeding to deliver a package on time as part of their job. In that instance, the employer may also be named as a defendant in the lawsuit filed by the victim. If an employee was operating a company-issued car at the time of the collision, that is also evidence that employer may be liable.

Often, negligent drivers do not have sufficient insurance coverage to provide fair compensation to the people they have harmed. That is why it is important to talk to a Los Angeles car accident lawyer when you are involved in a crash. A Los Angeles car accident lawyer will help to determine all of the sources of compensation, including negligent drivers’ employers where appropriate. Identifying all of the parties with potential liability in your claim is important because it increases the chances for a fair outcome and it holds the responsible parties liable. Employer liability, for instance, encourages responsible employers to implement and enforce safety protocols to protect all of us.

To identify all of the liable parties in your accident, and to determine all possible sources of compensation, talk to a Los Angeles car accident lawyer today.

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